About me

Hello !  This is a quick few facts about me to get this blog rolling ….

My name is Olivia Oakley (but everyone calls me Oli) I am originally from Sussex but currently live in Nottingham with my Husband Duncan and our 2 and a half year old son Herbie.


I am in love with Retro fashion and adore dressing Herbie in stylish outfits, I’m a big supporter of independent children clothing businesses and will share my favorites on here as much as I can.


I have Dyspraxia which means I have coordination problems (I can’t ride a bike lol) and have quiet bad dyslexia (which means you will have to bare with me if my spelling and gramma is not up to scratch haha)


I studied to be a comedian at University in Southampton (I didn’t end up finishing the course but I did end up meeting my husband there haha)


Having had many issues with depression and anxiety after Herbie’s birth I hope this blog and my honesty will help other mothers going through the same things I did.


So here we go Comfortably Mum is now fully up and running … Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoy my blog xx O






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  1. Crafty GJ says:

    Welcome to blogging Oli. Looking forward to your blogs. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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