The evolution of our coffee table ..

Our coffee table has been with us since the beginning, Duncan lovingly put it together and painted it (with that posh grey paint that you see people use on Pinterest posts) when we moved into our first proper home, it really fulfilled our table needs .. full of fun stuff like booze … more booze … hot cups of tea, painkillers, cheese, nail polish and basically anything that we would want close to us while binge watching Netflix and living our child free lives.


we really didn’t have a coffee table care in the world …. until

Herbie arrived, the table wasn’t for booze anymore it was for quick access to dummies, bottles, breast pads and held many cups of cold half drunk tea and coffee (as no new parent has the time to make AND drink a whole cup of hot tea right ?)


Our exhausted new parent coffee table remained like this for a few months before our cuddly scrummy smelling new born decided he had enough of just sitting around looking cute all day, he wanted to get moving, start exploring and putting dangerous things in his mouth !!

Now our coffee table is bare.


NO !!!! guests can not place hot cups of melted lava on to it ? do they not understand what we went throught to keep this kid alive this long ?? don’t they understand we have a suicidal toddler that will find any way to hurt himself ? haha.

Any way the coffee table is not for things anymore it is a thing for the boy to pull himself up and walk around … at least until he takes his first few steps then …

DSCF6503.JPGAfter 2 and half years of parenthood our coffee table now looks like this … full of toys and still not really for us adult people to use ……

Sometimes I risk using it to place coffee on but I have to utter the words

‘hot the coffee is hot Herbie !!!!’

‘very very hot ouch hot’

‘aw ouch very very hottt !!’

‘be careful be very very careful boy mummies coffee is hot’

before even thinking about placing it down haha .

xxx O


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