Chimp Complex.

My toddler has a chimp complex.


I think ive been lead into a false sense of security when it comes to taking my toddler out into the public, he has been a little legend lately making me forget that he is still only 2 and a half and still likely to explode  into tantrum at any moment.

So when we arrived at the zoo ….. a stroppy toddler was not part of the plan.

The stroppiness was probably due to a number of unprepared mum fails …. we arrived before Herbie had a chance to nap (amateur  parenting),  I hadn’t packed any snacks (rookie mistake) and to top things off I left the dummy in the car (im a knob).

So off we went out of the zoo …. back to the front entrance to grab the dummy from the car, fill the boy up with dried fruit and refuel our exhausted adult bodies with more caffeine …. ok now we are ready for the zoo.



Herbie loves the monkeys ! he laughed that laugh kids do that makes anyone stop and watch, the laugh that brightens up your day (no better noise than a giggling toddler)

he loved the Gibbons jumping and swinging on the ropes “playing” “it”.


we still suffered some meltdowns as the day went on I found myself uttering the “I think he must be coming down with something” line that parents say to reassure themselves and the world that their child isn’t always “like this” .


It’s always pretty cool to see elephants and giraffes up close though isn’t it ? they are amazing creatures. Herb reenacted the scene from the good dinosaur trying to guess the giraffes name shouting out “Emily !! James !! Edward !! Rosie !! Thomas !!” and seeing which one the giraffe would turn round to …. turns out the giraffe is called “Gordan” haha

we did actually see “dinosaurs mummy” as well (see below)


“Look Herbie penguins” I shouted

“no Mummy come with me” Herb replied pulling my arm to go on the wooden train and running after some ducks this kid loves a Duck)





I loved the zebra, flamingos and the little ant hill under the toilet sink haha (If we ever buy a house I want a mirror ant hill ! )


The butterfly enclosure is always amazing, the beautiful bright coloured flowers, massive (butterflies eating pineapple) and a stunning big purple bird.




back to the monkeys for a quick natter ( not sure what Herb was telling them but this monkey seems very interested)



Then we went back home for bangers and mash.

I’m glad we didn’t end up giving Herbie away to the zoo (although at times it felt like he would have enjoyed living with the monkeys).

I have learnt my lesson and will always be prepared !!! snacks …. check …. nap …. check …. dummy …. check haha preperation and orginisation ( I struggle with that one) seems to be the key to raising a little person.

Thank you to Twycross zoo for having us and Thank you to my bff Gen for the tickets.

xxx O




















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