Leap !!

I had an app called the wonder weeks when Herbie was born, you put in your baby’s due date and then it will tell you when you are likely to see a change in development. Even now at two and a half these leaps still happen, they start with a week of grumpiness and tantrums almost like he is coming down with something then BOOM he has learnt something new.

Herb then gets on with being a happy little bean again. These leaps take us by surprise every time, but every time something amazing occurs (this time round it has been more speech, more understanding in what you are telling him , learnt how to swim with his arm bands and sat on the potty and did a wee !!

I am one proud mama this week The boy is on a roll x


So this week we found a new place to explore near our house “The clay pit” a great picnic spot, Its full of wild flowers and has tad poles that Herbie has been watching grow.


When I was little I remember my mum took me to see the tadpoles and then the tadpoles grew legs and arms then as if by magic became frogs, it’s a great little process to show a child and Herb is taking it all in like a little sponge.




Our friends Sarah and Dustin bought us a picnic blanket its amazing and already had alot of use, I think the clay pit maybe my new happy place, mainly because all three of us are together chilling out eating scotch eggs haha nothing better than that.


xxx O







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