City Kids.

I am so excited that Herb is getting big enough to explore places and hang out with me. We travelled into Nottingham city this week, we normally only go for the shops but after having lived in Notts for over fours years I really want to start exploring and finding out what our home city has to offer, with our friend Sarah and her kids we visted the city farm, a gorgeous little place on the edge of town. Its has so much more to offer than I thought it would have.

DSCF7035 (1)The little ones fed Lambs, pigs, goats and chickens …. plus a duck called Manic that looks a lot like it was the child of both a chicken and a duck !


DSCF7052 (1).JPG

DSCF7051 (1)


We even got to hold some baby rabbits !



The farm has so many beautiful plants and apple trees, the play area is amazing as well, perfect for toddlers.


I’m really obsessed with flowers lately, I think it all started with the big bunch of wild flowers Sarah got me for my birthday … or maybe it’s because it seemed like we waited forever for summer to come back around and now the bright colours make me feel so happy, either way this farm had some stunning ones. DSCF7100

DSCF7103 (1)


Hoping my sunflowers grow as tall as these, they are great.




The kids park also had an amazing space ship, painted on the inside which the kids adored, they actually had some really great art work at the farm, bright colours, really eye catching.







DSCF7104 (1).JPG


I would totally recommend City Farm and we will be going again soon.

Herbie recommeds the strawberry ice lollys .


We then ended our day out at a cafe called Blend Nottingham, as I’ve had to go milk free because of my Crohns diseases recently going out for coffee normally means a boring Americano, but at Blend they had coconut lattes and vegan Eccles cakes!! and the boy played happily on the floor with his trains, a perfect end to a fab day.


xxx O


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