Weekend Walks

This weekend we took a trip to Southampton for my brother-in-laws 40th birthday …I went to university in Southampton and met my husband there five years ago, we lived in Southampton together until getting enough money together to move to Nottingham, so now we go back once in a while to visit the other Oakley crew.

It wasn’t a normal trip down, we took our friends Bill and Jan’s awesome camper van Rosie. It seems little boys love sleeping in camper vans “I not want to sleep in the house mummy, I want to sleep in the van!’ Herb told me on the second night!!

So me and The Herb slept in the van all weekend which was cute as he woke me up every morning with kisses.


The party was great, lots of family and friends came and my husband Dunk and his band played so that was great.

The next day though we finally gathered our hungover selves together to go and walk the dog Ronnie (Barker) around the country park.

Holly Hill park is flipping amazing!! we had never been before and I can honestly say it’s my favourite part of Southampton now.



DSCF7136 (1)


we explored all round it and Ronnie dog swam around the ponds, making sure he got us wet every time he got out … yuck


DSCF7141 (1)

DSCF7143 (1)

Herbie loves a good adventure and walked around touching all the trees and quacking at the ducks.

The park also has magical wood carvings.



It’s just a beautiful place and I really want to run around it sometime, we will definitely be going for a walk their everytime we visit.



xxx O



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