Womble Crumble

When I was little I called crumble .. Womble crumble, my mum and I would have it for pudding most Sundays and it’s still one of  my favourites, so when we got some rhubarb from a lady down the roads garden I couldn’t resist.


This is a diary free recipe and is very simple to make.

The topping 

120g plain flour

60g of caster sugar

20g brown sugar

60g of vitalight (milk free)

The filling 

10 sticks of rhubarb

1 apple

a few table spoons of sugar (up to you how sweet you would like it)

DSCF7232.JPGright … cut the 10 sticks of Rhubarb into 1 inch chunks, skin the apple and add it to the rhubarb, put into a pan and heat for approx 15 minutes, add sugar to the mix tasting it to see if it us sweet enough. DSCF7234.JPG

The rhubarb should simmer into a liquid type texture when it is cooked so by then its ready to place into the bottom of your oven dish.


Then you can work on the crumble, this is really very simple although you will have to get your hands dirty, put the flour, the caster sugar and the butter in a bowl, rub the butter through the flour making a (surprise surprise) crumble like mix, it’s up to you how big you want the crumbly bits to be.


Then when the rhubarb mix is cool, crumble the crumble (lol) over the top until the bottom rhubarb is covered, then sprinkle the brown sugar over the top.


lastely place the crumble into a preheated oven on about 180c and bake for 20 minutes or just until the bottom layer is bubbling and the top is golden brown.



and that’s it one rhubarb crumble .. serve with custard, ice cream … or like us mango sorbet (it works surprisingly well).

so flipping easy but so yummy.

xxx O





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