A week of hot sun and cool outfits

I have always loved fashion, wearing bright colours and reading all the magazines, since becoming a mum I have enjoyed styling Herbie in lots of different threads, but now I have lost my baby weight and feel more confident this mama is loving trying out new clothes and spending time picking my outfits.

This week my friend Kerry came to stay, we got to have a girl night of drinks (which was amazing because I never get to do that) had a picnic in a meadow and chilled round Nottingham town exploring the vintage shops and cool pubs.



Really enjoying wearing body suits lately, this H&M red suit is so cool and I pair it either with these striped H&M trousers (the ones I always wear because they are just the best) or my ASOS high-waisted navy culottes.

This week I also wore my Topshop body suit with 78 on, its amazing and from last summers sales.



we ate our hangovers away in the very hot sun, while Herb looked for his tadpoles (we couldn’t find them I think we may have missed them turn into frogs)

Kerry even took some family photos of the three of us, but Herb was far too busy haha



It was so amazing having my friend stay, I really miss my old pals and it’s just wonderful to catch up and share stories, we are all growing up either starting families, buying houses or some are traveling the world.

I am proud to show off Nottingham though, although it’s not got any of our family, it’s still a great cultured place and has a lot to offer my little boy, my husband and me.



xxx O






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