festivals and toddlers

My boy has been going to Ynot festival since he was eight months old, no it hasn’t been easy taking a baby along and dealing with the trails and tribulations of parenthood while stuck camping in a field, I wasn’t really enjoying having to try to disinfect baby bottles in a tent (all about the Milton wipes) but our boy has experienced so much already that we are proud of our choices to take him along and remain a family in what ever we do and The Herb did get to watch Primal Scream in the wings his first year … so already a cool thing to say when he is an adult.


Herbie’s second festival was a bit easier, although at one and a half he was at that really great stage were they just run off super fast all the time and seem to be hell-bent on killing themselves finding as many dangerous things to climb and putting anything in their mouths!! (which is just exhausting).


But this year … this year was the one, Herb is at a really fun age, he has started to really understand everything, he likes holding my hand and he is just great fun.

A few weeks before going I started to prepare a “pack of fun stuff” for Herb to be kept entertained, just little bits and bobs that I know he likes, cars, mini Thomas trains, bubbles and a lot of crafty things like stickers and colouring.


What we didn’t know at the time was that this would completely save my bacon at this festival  ….. as it rained and rained and rained.

Even the massive wheels of our off-road buggy couldn’t manage the mud that occurred … nightmare is not a strong enough word. Thank goodness our friends came with us and let us stay in their camper (all the other years we went in a big family tent) so we had a place to keep dry and warm.


As my husband Duncan does the comedy at the festival we couldn’t just leave … but after trying our hardest to get into the main bit to “try to find something to do” in the morning ( Herbie did see a bit of the cinema which was pretty cool) we gave up and struggled back to the camper through the crazy mud.


Basically for the whole of Saturday The boy and I were stuck in the camper…. we played hide and seek for 2 hours haha and coloured two whole colouring books . The treat bag saved the day really along with the snacks we had packed.






In the evening when our pals came back we did manage to get back into the festival to eat and watch some bands (we saw Stereophonics) while Herbie slept in his buggy, I got to drink a half pint of moonshine cider and scout the vintage stall (added a retro Adidas hoodie to my collection and a silver ring) but it wasn’t the fun-filled weekend we had planned…. plus it got cancelled half way through due to the weather conditions and the lack of effort from the organisers regarding the ridiculous amount of mud, so it’s a bit of a shame really.


All in all my top tip for taking your kid to a festival would be “BE PREPARED” ……with stuff to keep them entertained because you never know whats going to happen.





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  1. Esher says:

    Herbie is certainly getting some brilliant and fun life experiences. You are an amazing mummy.


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