CaBella blog event

I have worn make up since the age of 12 when my mum passed me a concealer to try to make me feel better about my acne break outs …. I don’t go out of the house with out my foundation on, in fact embarrassingly when I was first seeing my husband I would go to sleep in my make up and wake up early to redo it before he woke up haha …. I also sat in the hospital with my new-born baby in my arms and made sure my spots had been covered before the nurse came round in the morning, so I do love make up …. but I am completely self-taught, never really thought about getting advice on what is best to wear, it’s just been years of trail and error … luckily I don’t wear electric blue mascara anymore, dont wear white eye shadow and have grown my eye brows back but you can always use some advice on things …. so when I was asked if I wanted to attend a make up tutorial at CaBella I jumped at the chance.


The make up master class started with some fizz and some little gifts (always lovely). We then sat to watch the tutorial.

The famous CaBella smoky eye.

If you are like me and the thought of giving yourself a smoky eye just fills you with images of you going out looking like a panda bear then these tips will come in handy.


The first tip (which I have never thought of doing) is to do all your eye make up before you do your foundation .. this way if any shadow falls then you can simply clean it off with a baby wipe (and not have to worry about having to redo your foundation)

They used an eye primer … this was crazy to me as I have never used a make up primer so this was the biggest tip ive taken away with me. They used the Milani eyeshadow primer which is £8 from CaBella.



In the crease of the eye they used cb2 brush,the outer corner a cb34 brush and for the base colour a cb55 brush and used the CaBella desert spice palette which is £18.50. I’m a terrible make up user as the only brush I own is one from Primark that I use for my contour kits (seems I may have to change my ways)



Another great tip that they gave was to always buy a mascara that has a plastic wand as it reduces clumping of the lashes, they used a max factor false lash effect mascara which is only £10.99.

Since this event I have been using a face primer, the Milani Prime correct from CaBella its £13 and I have shockingly never used a primer before this product, but it is brilliant, foundation goes on a lot smoother.

If you are like me and use foundation everyday spending a lot of money on one is not going to happen as I get through so much, so it was nice to hear the professionals say they use a high street brand loreal true match foundation which is around £9.99 a bottle under half the price of a mac one so I am going to give it a try.

A great tip is to always match your foundation to your neck and chest area to avoid them being two different colours.


They used a CB4 brush to blend concealer and then CB53 and used L.A girl pro concealer £6.00 from CaBella (something this week I need through lack of sleep and acne)

Then they set everything with Milani translucent powder £13.00 again from CaBella, apparently you should always set the concealer to avoid creasing and excess oil.DSCF8011.JPG

The girls then used pigments under the eyes to add more colour and avoid the eye looking top-heavy the pigments are 5 for £20 and are amazingly shiny and stay put.


It was really great to hear all these tips, although im not very dramatic with my make up and stay pretty much to the natural look, I enjoyed learning about how people do the smoky eye look and have been loving my new primer.

The other bloggers all seemed lovely as well, although im a die hard instagramer this blog writing stuff is pretty new so it would be nice to be invited to more events.

big thank you to CaBella again for a great girlie evening you can get a full make over for £30 with one of the team xx

O xx








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