Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ?? ……. Herbie turns 3 !


The Herb turned Three this October and we couldn’t have asked for better weather for his epic birthday party.

My mum, Three of Herbs cousins and Herbs auntie and uncle all made it up to Nottingham as well to help celebrate which means the world as we live far from most family.

I had the idea of a Sponge Bob Square Pants party a few months a go (mainly as it’s the only program Herb watches that I don’t mind watching as well)

A long look at ebay got me a 72 piece Sponge Bob party pack for just £2.50 and a stroll through pinterst gave me the idea of crabby patty cupcakes (so simple yet so effective).

Crabby Patty cupcakes 


for the buns …..

175g butter (I used milk free)

200g castor sugar

200g self-raising flour

one tea-spoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

heat oven to 200 … whip the ingredients together and put into 12 cupcake tins 

for the burger ….

175 g butter ( again I used milk free)

50g coco powder

15g self raising flour

200g castor sugar

2 eggs

again whip together like before an add to 12 more cupcake tins 

The cupcake should take around 25 mins once they are cooked leave to cool. 

once cooled cup the vanilla cupcakes in half (to make the buns) and cut the bottoms of the chocolate cupcakes to make the burgers … add a bit of icing in-between to glue together and add green icing and red icing for ketchup and salad. 


Sponge Bob Cake

I’m going to be honest, I cant really remember what recipe I used for this cake, It was a pretty basic vanilla sponge with apricot jam filling (Herbs favorite) I cant take full credit for the cake as Dunk did an amazing job of making Sponge bobs face !! But we are both really proud of the outcome…. this cake makes me smile every time I look at it !!



The party was mostly in the garden as it felt like a late summers day, we even had a BBQ. It was just fab and Herbie was very spoilt bless him.

a massive thank you to everyone that made the day so special and an even bigger thank you to my little Herb for giving us the best three years of our lives.



xxx o




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