Being a Mum.

Being a Mum …. 

Being a Mum … is finding all the inner strength you can muster (not just to get through birth) .. but to not leave the screaming toddler on the super market floor and go home alone enjoying the silence but to pick him up and calmly get on with your shop.

Being a Mum … is knowing way to much information about another persons pooing routine.

Being a Mum … is still loving a person unconditionally even though the first thing they did was do a vile black tar poo on your chest.

Being a Mum … is being completely OK with baby wiping snot off herself at the door before leaving for work, the shops, her wedding etc.

Being a Mum … is listening to a persons “in my day” advice politely, but not listening at all because No im not giving my 5 day old baby brandy !!

Being a Mum … is worrying about your baby/toddler/child/teenager/adult constantly

Being a Mum … is crying on the phone to the 111 lady because your boy has a cough.

Being a Mum … is talking to the women at the checkout for a creepily long amount of time because she is the only adult you have seen in a few days

Being a Mum … is knowing what being tired is REALLY like.

Being a Mum … is being able to say “I had boobs once”

Being a Mum … is the best job in the world (although I bet working at Cadbury world is pretty good too)

Being a Mum … is the hardest job in the world

Being a Mum … is never getting bored with looking at your babies face and never really understanding how you made something so perfect.

Being a Mum … is not being able to wee alone.



Happy Mothers day !!! 

O xxx









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